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Marmaris has 5 regions where there are hotels, boutique hotels, apart hotels and all inclusive hotels to stay. These regions are Downtown, Beach Front/Uzunyalı, Siteler, İçmeler and Armutalan. Each of these regions has different features to consider where to stay. After you read our article about acoomodation you will choose your place to stay better.

First of all, Downtown is the central part of the city. It is easier for you to go Yacht Marine, Bar Street and shopping on foot. They all are 15 mins walk at most to Downtown hotels. The Hotels are mostly apart hotels, hostels and 2-3 star hotels. You would pay less considering other 4 regions. You can easily go all other regions by minibus till midnight or take a taxi all day and night.

Uzunyalı/Beach Front is also a walking distance to Bar Street and Yacht Marine. But also you could take a minibus or taxi. Beach front is also a good fun place. During the day you can go sunbathing and shopping and evening time you can go to restaurants, pubs, bars and after midnight to te night clubs. There are all sort of accomodations in these region and they are also with a reasonable prices.

Although Siteler would make you tired of walking back at midnight it is still posible to walk. In these region you will usually face with All Inclusive and quiet big hotels and normal hotels. You have a variety of foods if you choose All Inclusive Hotels. In these hotels there will be many activities. You can get on a minibus or take a taxi.

If you want a quite holiday or want fun and relaxing both, İçmeler will be the right address for you. There are all types of accomodations there. Prices are average, people are kind as very usual. There are many restaurants,pubs and bars in this town but if you stil wanna go bar street its not a good idea to walk all the way down so better take a taxi.

Armutalan is in the inner side of Marmaris, but you need to be sure that it is a very good town in a nice city. There is views of forestry all around it. Almost all apart hotels are very big and high qualfied as an apart. You will enjoy all the activities around the city.

Apart Hotels:

Apart Hotels are mostly located in Downtown, Armutalan and İçmeler. Downtown apartments are very close to walk around and even the rooms are big, the hotels are small. In Armutalan they are really qualified. In Icmeler they are nice, clean and small. Most of them look like a Boutique Hotel.


Hotels are mostly located on Beach Front, Siteler and on the coast of Icmeler. They are in different types of and to be honest you should really choose carefully because there are also not nice ones around.

All Inclusive Hotels:

These types of hotels are mostly located on Siteler region. We suggest you to pick a big one if you insist to go a All Inclusive Hotel. But if you dont want to pay much there are also smaller ones in Siteler, Beach Front and Icmeler.

Boutique Hotels:

In city there are just a few of boutique hotels, but there are really nice ones in the neighborhood. You should check our “Neighborhood “ topics to get infos.

So please tell us now which one is more suitable for you as a location to stay?